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Posted on 3rd Aug 2014

Setting up a USB Zebra label printer (such as the Zebra LP 2844 or GC 420t) on your Mac can be done in just a few minutes by following our printer setup guide below. If you need help installing the printer on Windows, please read this article. This article describes how to install our recommended Zebra driver.

Connect your Zebra printer's USB cable to your computer, then navigate to System Preferences. Open your Print & Scan preferences.

Click the + symbol on the lower-left and choose Add Printer or Scanner.... Please note, you may need to click the lock on the lower-left and enter your admin username/password before you can add a printer.

Select your Zebra printer from the available connected printers, then choose Select Printer Software from the Use drop down menu.

Type "Zebra" into the search bar on the upper-right to locate the available Zebra driver from the Printer Software options. Select the Zebra EPL2 Label Printer driver, then click OK. We've found that this driver works best with the Zebra LP 2844 and the Zebra GC 420t.

Now that you've selected the appropriate driver, click Add.

Congratulations, you finished installing the Zebra printer driver!