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Posted on 7th Aug 2014

Before powering on your Star TSP100 receipt printer, you should go to the Star Micronics site here, select Thermal for the Product Type, TSP100 for Printer Family, STAR TSP100ECO for printer model, and finally, Windows 8 in the Operating System dropdown. The driver should say: futurePRNT V5.3 Lite (118MB). Save this file to your desktop.

This driver only contains information vital to setting up the printer but it still requires quite a bit of time to download ( > 10 minutes).

1. Once the driver has been downloaded go ahead and right-click on it and select extract all to the desktop.
2. Open up the windows file and go to the installer.
3. Run the installer for your 32 or 64-bit OS. Click Next through all the install prompts.
4. Once the install is finished, plug your printer in.
5. Turn it on and see if the computer recognizes it. If it doesn’t go into Device Manager and install the drivers from there.
6. Right click on the Desktop and click Personalize > Control Panel Home > View Devices and Printers.
7. Right click the Star printer and select Printing Preferences.

8. The Star printer preferences will be displayed:

Click the Advanced button at the button of the dialog box.

Set the paper size to 72 x Receipt then press OK. Press OK on the next window to bring you back to the original printer properties window.

9. Right click the Star printer and select Printer Properties:

The printing preferences dialog box:

10. Click the Preferences button at the bottom of the dialog box and repeat step 7.
11. Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the dialog box.

Click Printing Defaults and repeat step 7.

12. Select the Device Settings tab. Set the friction drop down to 72 x Receipt. Also set both Page Cut Type and Document Cut Type to Partial Cut. Set Cash Drawer One to Open Before Printing (If you have a printer driven cash drawer). Note that the first setting for Cash Drawer One - Pulse Width should remain at its default of 200 milliseconds.

Newer drivers may make your Device Settings tab have more Installable Options. If it does, you want your settings to look like this:

Go to the here to setup the default printing receipt paper size to complete printer setup.