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Posted on 22nd Jul 2014

Now you can update the loyalty points of your customers with the new 1.02 release. This is extremely useful for the administration of the loyalty points of your members and customers. Moreover, it comes with security access control and rest assured only authorised personnel can have access to this function.

To get started, grant the access to update loyalty points by editting the security settings if the user.

Then go to the Customers module and edit the customer you want to have the loyalty points updated. Go to the Loyalty section and you shall find information of the existing loyalty balance the customer has. Key in the desired balance in the "New Loyalty Balance" textbox and click save.

Check if the new loyalty points has been saved. The new balance should be reflected under "Loyalty Balance". Also note that amount adjusted will be refelected under "Loyalty Adjustment".

Take the following for example, the customer has earned $20.00 loyalty points in actual transactions. After adjustment of an additional $80.00 points, the customer now has $100.00 loyalty points as balance.