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General FAQ
How does the free trial work?
Try all of MerchantPlay’s features for 30 days or until you’re ready to activate your account.
Can I change plans?
Of course you can. Start with a free plan and you can change at any time to whatever plan best suits your needs.
Do I have to sign a long term contract?
You can trial MerchantPlay with no commitment. If you choose to activate your account to a paid plan, you pay monthly and can cancel at any time.
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa and Mastercard by PayPal. At this time we can only accept online payments via PayPal if you choose subscribe.
Can I use this over a mobile data (broadband, 3G, 4G) connection?
Yes, of course! With a stable mobile data broadband you can get started right away.
Ok I am in. What's next for me to get started?
With any computer, laptop, or tablet with internet access and the Chrome or Safari browser, you can get started with MerchantPlay.
What happens if my device crashes?
All your data will be saved and you can continue working where you left off from any other device.
Where is my store information saved?
All your information is stored in our cloud data servers.
How do I backup my store information and inventory?
If you prefer to manually backup your information, you can do so by exporting your data into an Excel file.
Which merchant services does MerchantPlay integrate with?
We are currently working to integrate with Merchant Solutions, WorldPay, AsiaPay and NETS. Details will be available soon.
Can I use my current merchant service provider?
Yes, you can. Basically you would ring up a sale in MerchantPlay, swipe the credit card for payment on the external terminal, and have the customer sign the printed receipt. Pose will keep a full record of the sale, but not the actual credit card details.
What is the credit card processing rate?
MerchantPlay is not a credit card processor or merchant service provider. The processing rates are determined by our affiliate partners or the local merchant service provider you choose to work with.
Can I still process credit cards while working offline?
MerchantPlay is not a credit card processor or merchant service provider. However you can still use the offline machines provided by your merchant service provider to process any card payments.
Are you PCI compliant?
Because we don’t store credit card information in the system, we are not required to be PCI compliant.
How can I reach customer support?
Email and our customer support will be glad to help.
Are there any contracts?
Absolutely not! MerchantPlay is contract free.
What accounting software does MerchantPlay integrate with?
We are looking to integrate with some of the accounting software in the market in the upcoming months. Otherwise reports can be downloaded into a CSV file which can be easily imported into your accounting software.
Does MerchantPlay work with multiple locations?
Yes. All you would need to do is add an additional register to your MerchantPlay account.
Do you have an API?
Not at the moment, however this feature is coming soon!
Can I set different permissions by employee?
Sure! These permissions can be managed in the user management section.
What happens if I lose internet connectivity?
Because we use HTML5 offline caching, MerchantPlay works perfectly even while offline. Once your internet returns, MerchantPlay will automatically sync.
What type of hardware would I need to purchase?
1. Barcode Scanner - Any standard USB barcode scanner will work perfectly.
2. Cash Drawer - You can use any standard cash drawer. Most standard cash drawers plug in directly to a receipt printer for power. So basically along with the cash drawer you'll need a receipt printer.
3. Receipt Printer - Most standard thermal receipt printers will work. For specific questions regarding model number, just ask us :)
4. Barcode Label Printer - We support Zebra, Dymo and TSC printers using 40mmx30mm labels. For specific questions regarding model number, just ask us :)
Need a tailored solution?
Contact us and we can package MerchantPlay to suit.
Any other questions?
If there's anything else you'd like to know, please contact us and our friendly support staff will attend to your questions. From time to time we will update this FAQ section so that all our users can benefit.
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